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Stars Shine Bright in Glacier National Park

Photo taken from Chris Peterson, last week in Glacier National Park.

According to Hungry Horse News, a light that owned by Flathead Electric was finally taken down a few weeks ago. The park Service looks to limit light pollution wherever possible and they have even taken action to remove or replace thousands of lights over the years. Hungry Horse News brought up the issue of the light to the Park Service's attention earlier this winter. The issues? A bright LED light at the Glacier Park Boat Co. dock would cast a broad circle of light well out onto the lake and up into the sky. Where? At the foot of GNP's Lake McDonald.

Now that the light has been taken down, you can access pristine night skies of Glacier without the need to hike out a long distance. You can now go 20-30 fet from the parking area to the lake shore and enjoy your non LED light night.

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